About Us

NIOSYS stands for “generating business impact.” We are a software, product and service firm focused on delivering digital transformation for our clients, putting digital and data to work to create competitive advantage. We do this by integrating lean principles, design thinking, analytics, and digital technologies with our domain and industry expertise to deliver disruptive business outcomes. We deliver value to our clients in two ways – through digital-led, domain-enabled solutions that drive innovation, and intelligent operations enabled by digital that design, transform, and run clients’ operations. Our approach is continually refined in one of the world’s largest digital process sandboxes, where we test and improve thousands of processes, IOT, cloud-based API’s and blockchain technologies.

Our Core Values


We value our customer's confidence and partnership.


We are committed to excellence, which is essential to our continued success and growth.


We value our customer's confidence and partnership.


Integrity is the foundation of our values and we maintain it by conducting business in an honest and ethical manner.

Technology Stack We Work With:

  • POS
  • API's
  • Cloud Platform
  • Big data analytics
  • Java, C++, PHP and Apache
  • Oracle, MS Cubes, MongoDB and SQL Server
  • Internet Of Things (IOT): LAN, WAN, PAN, MAN, Gateway and sensors
  • Blockchain development: Hyperledger, Corda, Tron, Stellar, EOS, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Tokenization, Stellar, Acrylic graph DLT

How We Work

We believe

Each of our customers IT needs are different and unique
Each of our customers require a solution based on their needs
Each of our customers deserves a flexible IT solution

Our Services

Software Development

We handle complex business challenges and providing custom and platform-based solutions.

IT Support Services

Providing comprehensive set of end-to-end IT support and digital services.

Technology Innovations

Building next-generation, future-ready market place technology on 5G.

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